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Hello and welcome to Londinium Tours. We are Val and Sal your qualified Blue Badge tourist guides and we have been showing people around our beautiful city for over twenty years. Whether it is your first visit or you are a seasoned traveller, we would love to share our knowledge of London with you - particularly our speciality Hidden London.

Londinium Tours has built a reputation for offering visitors to London a glimpse of sights that most tourists and many Londoners never find ... places that are off the beaten track offering fascinating insights into the rich history of this vibrant city. Our tours are on foot, using public transport, double decker London buses, river transport, taxi or the Underground.


Seeing London this way you have the time to really enjoy your day, and to go at your own pace.

Please note that you can choose any selection from the following suggestions to make up your own personal tour. We are very flexible and would be delighted to research any special interests you may have.