Hidden London

See a side of London most tourists miss. At the end of a tour of Hidden London, people invariably say "We would never have found this without you." Here are a few examples of places that we could visit - there are many more.

Roman London

Let us show you where London began, founded by the Romans in AD43. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in the little garden next to part of the Roman wall dating from 120AD and still standing. And then visit a small section of the Roman Amphitheatre which lies 20 feet below the modern buildings. This was discovered only in 1988 during redevelopment causing world wide excitement.

St Barts Gatehosue Medieval London

The Gatehouse of the Church of St. Bartholomew the Great. This atmospheric church dating from 1123 is the oldest in London and one of our favourite places.

Middle Temple Hall

Tudor London

Middle Temple Hall - this spectacular Elizabethan hall, the finest example in the country - dating from 1574, is where Queen Elizabeth 1 dined on several occasions and where William Shakespeare acted.

St Brides London after the Great Fire of 1666

This devastating fire destroyed three quarters of what was then London. Sir Christopher Wren, our greatest ever architect, whose masterpiece is St Paul's Cathedral, rebuilt 50 of the churches in the Old City of London. This is St Bride's Church, one of his most beautiful, whose steeple inspired the first tiered wedding cake.

18th century London

See a street untouched by the Great Fire of 1666 or by Hitler's bombs. Its beautiful architecture dates from 1704 and is a rare survival from this time.

Victorian London

Old operating theatreThe Old Operating Theatre (Room). See where the medical students learnt their skills watching operations performed between 1821 and 1862. Be very thankful that you were not living then as these operations were carried out pre anaesthetic and pre antiseptic!