Specialist Tours

Legal London

See the lawyers in their wigs and gowns. Sit in on a trial at the Old Bailey, the Cental Criminal Court. Walk through the leafy squares where the barristers have their offices or chambers. Learn about the Inns of Court and their history. Visit Middle Temple Hall - this spectacular Elizabethan Hall, the finest example in the country - dating from 1574, where Queen Elizabeth the First dined on several occasions and where William Shakespeare acted.

Jewish London

Hear about the history of the Jews in London. Visit Bevis Marks the oldest synagogue in the country dating from 1701. See the old Jewish quarter in the East End of London. Or perhaps, spend some time finding out about the references to the Bible in the British Museum.

Royal London

A walk to include: Buckingham Palace, the Changing Of The Guard, Clarence House, St James's Palace and Westminster Abbey, where all the Coronations and many Royal Weddings have been held.


British Library

Including Magna Carta, manuscripts and prayer books beautifully hand-written and illustrated, many dating back more that 1000 years. "You make those amazing books come alive" wrote one of our clients.

John Soane

British Museum

Dickens House

Where he finished the Pickwick Papers and wrote Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickleby. Of all the houses he lived in, while in London, this is the only one which remains.

Cabinet War Rooms and Churchill Museum

See where Churchill worked during the war, the nerve centre of our resistance against the Germans. It is as it was left in 1945, nothing has been moved. The visit also includes the Museum of Churchill's Life opened in 2005; hear some of his stirring speeches which so inspired the country in its darkest hours.